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Myths About Small Business Loans

Myths About Small Business Loans



False.  Affordability of many small business loans depends on the need to grow and expand your business at the right pace and at the right time!  Where small business owners run into trouble is when they borrow what they can’t possibly pay back…

While it is true that predatory lending practices have been partly to blame, it is also prudent to know what your business actually needs and what it could do without.  Lofty goals are great and are always worth the pursuit.  However, knowing the individual limits of your business and avoiding unneeded headaches is a wonderful thing as well. Everyone would like to see their business grow quickly, though they should love to see it grow responsibly.

One way of using small business loans is to know your own business’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).  It’s a great step to realizing the potential your business has.  If you’re not sure how to figure it out, that’s fine, we can help with that.   Once you calculate the true value of your business’s borrowing power then you can start to intelligently borrow.

We know that knowledge really is the key to a successful business.  So at FastLoans we give you that knowledge. We will let you know if your business can afford the growth your looking for, how much of it is realistic in the fast approaching future and what type of small business loans are appropriate to assist with that growth.

Enjoyment for us is helping American business grow, and yes the faster the better, but we also realize that being honest about investing is the only way to true growth and long-term sustainability for any small business. assists small businesses with small business loans in all 50 states with a specific focus on the following cities:  Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City, Portland, San Antonio, Chicago, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Miami, Tampa, Tucson, Albuquerque, Philadelphia.